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Institute of Transportation, MOTCInstitute of Transportation, MOTC

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Summary of IOT Publications

No. Title Post date
46. Promotion and Management of Intellectual Property Rights and Knowledge Sharing Services of Technology Development Project Findings 2021-08-10
47. Strategic Planning for the Expansion and Promotion of MaaS Subsequent Services 2021-08-09
48. Applications and Comparisons of Traffic Conflict Analysis Using UAV Aerial Videography for Intersections 2021-08-09
49. Demonstration and service expansion plan of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) 2021-08-09
50. A Preliminary Study of a Certification or Approval System for International Logistics Professionals 2021-08-09
51. Study on Traffic Engineering Safety Design Based on the Accident Types at Intersections 2021-08-09
52. Transfer Time Gap Evaluation and Enhancement Mechanism for Train and Bus Transfers 2021-08-09
53. The 38th Project for Improving Accident-Prone Locations in the Taiwan Area 2021-08-09
54. Railway Supply and Demand Diagnosis and Strategy Analysis with Big Data Technology (2/2) –Completion of the Diagnostic Model Software 2021-08-09
55. Research on the Climate Change Adaptation for Transport Systems 2021-08-09
56. Development Project for the Digital Transformation of the Car Rental Industry - Project Management and Supervision 2021-08-09
57. Routed-based Costing System for Motor Carrier Industry Application Software Upgrade and Maintenance Operation Project 2021-08-09
58. Research on the Application of Digitization and Blockchain Technology in the Operation Chain of Container Transportation 2021-08-09
59. Maintenance, Functional Enhancement and Education Training of the Decision Support System for the Scanning of Public Transit Service Gaps (1/2) 2021-08-09
60. Service and Enhancement Project for the Information Integration of Traffic Events 2021-08-09