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Institute of Transportation, MOTCInstitute of Transportation, MOTC

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Summary of IOT Publications

No. Title Post date
61. Preliminary Study of Artificial Intelligence in Traffic Data Collection and Urban Traffic Signal Control 2021-08-09
62. Light Rail Transit System Capacity Analysis and Applications Study (2/2) - Capacity and Reliability Analysis for Type A and B Right-of-Way 2021-08-04
63. Maintenance Service of the Transportation Planning Support System (2020) 2021-08-04
64. Preliminary Study on the Improvement Direction of Age-friendly Transportation Policy 2021-08-04
65. 2020 Taiwan Highway Capacity Analysis Software and Website Update and Maintenance Service 2021-08-04
66. Preliminary Investigation of the Regional Transportation Development Research Center Service Upgrade 2.0 2021-08-04
67. A Study on Skid Resistance in Pavement Marking Materials 2021-08-04
68. Trial Operation and Promotion Application of Pre-arranged General-Purpose Passenger Car Transportation Services 2021-08-04
69. Research of Diverse Public Transportation Data Analysis and Marketing Strategy 2021-08-04
70. Promotion and Management of Intellectual Property Rights and Knowledge Sharing Services of Technology Development Project Findings 2021-08-04
71. Maintaining and Expanding Decision Support System of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Transportation Sector 2020-12-30
72. The Performance Analysis of E-bus Demonstration Plan Implementation and the Promotion of Strategic Support Applications (1/2) 2020-12-30
73. Typical Examples for road and Traffic Engineering Design in Mixed-Traffic Situation(3/4)-Unsignalized Intersection 2020-10-23
74. Conduct planning for our country's passenger ship navigation safety risk management counseling materials and practical ship demonstration plan 2020-10-23
75. A Series of Studies on the Overall Transportation Planning of Southern Taiwan Region (1/2) - Investigation and Analysis of Trip Characteristics 2020-10-22