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Summary of IOT Publications

Title A Preliminary Study of the Institute of Transportation’s Future Research Directions by Using Driving Simulator.
Dept Operation and Management Division
Year 2022
Month 11
Price 170

       The purpose of this study is to discuss the future role of the Institute of Transportation (IOT), Ministry of Transportation and Communication (MOTC) development, conducting such investigations the research results of domestic and foreign driving simulators (including scooters) to collect and organize, and then purpose the development direction and improvement suggestions
of the driving simulator of IOT. This study found that international driving simulators interact with users through virtual scenes, and they are often used to simulate specific road environments and driving situations, driver behaviors, driver factors, and basic tools to explore the different supply and demand aspects of the research.
       This study also evaluates the functions, limitations, and usability of existing domestic driving simulators from the perspective of international developments to study the behavioral responses of drivers. From the perspectives of driver factors, behaviors and basic tools, as well as the research direction of various demand and supply sides, it will take stock of international development
and evaluate the functions, limitations and usability of driving simulators in existing domestic production, government, university, and research institutions. This will help the IOT to clarify the future role of local driving simulation applications and development

Post date 2022-11-24
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