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Institute of Transportation, MOTC

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Summary of IOT Publications

No. Title Post date
16. A preliminary study of the application of blockchain technology in the operation and management of the automobile passenger transport industry 2023-07-21
17. Applying Artificial Intelligence Techniques to Identifying Accident-prone Road Sections (2/4): Development of Image Recognition Technologies for In-vehicle Dangerous Event Analysis 2023-07-20
18. Evaluation of Promoting Transportation Sector Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Deep Decarboninzation Path 2023-07-20
19. Construction of 5G intelligent transportation digital nerve center (2/2) - System Prototype Development and Verification Implementation 2023-07-20
20. 2022 Maintenance and data analysis for the International Maritime Database 2023-07-20
21. The 40th Project for Improving Accident-Prone Locations in the Taiwan Area 2023-05-25
22. An Analysis of City Buses and Highway Buses Ridership Changes between 2017-2021 2023-05-25
23. Project to Promote and Demonstrate Collision-oriented Guide to Intersection Design (1/3) - Application in Municipalities 2023-05-20
24. Demand Evaluation and Planning in Introducing Emerging Technologies into Road Safety Education in Schools 2023-05-20
25. Study of Artificial Intelligence and Vehicle-to-Everything Traffic Signal Control Model in Taiwan 2023-05-19
26. A Study on Railway Safety Management Systems – the Development of Self-Assessment Criteria and Supervisory Inspection Mechanisms 2023-05-19
27. Digital Transformation of Car-Rental Industry - Business Model Design and Digital Transformation Facilitating Practice 2023-05-19
28. Application of UAV with AI image recognition for bridge inspection (1/2)- Technology development of AI technology for bridge component defects recognition 2023-04-29
29. A Study of Present Safety Management of MASS and Its Future Development. 2023-04-29
30. Research on the Impact of Shared e- scooters on Transportation Greenhouse Gas Emissions (1/2) 2023-04-29