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Institute of Transportation, MOTCInstitute of Transportation, MOTC

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Summary of IOT Publications

No. Title Post date
16. Maintenance Service of the Transportation Infrastructure Decision Support System (2019) 2020-08-20
17. Preliminary Plan of Upgrading and Diversifying Island Round Cycling Routes Integration and Planning 2020-08-18
18. Vehicle Operating Cost Survey and Analysis of Taiwan (1/2) 2020-08-18
19. The Third Year Plan of the Development of Image Data for the Demonstration System and Marketing of Cycle Route 2020-08-18
20. Preliminary Study on the Distribution of Flight Networks in Major Asian Airports by Connectivity 2020-08-18
21. An Observation on Accessible Elevator Users Behavior and Improvement Strategy Evaluation: A Case of Taipei MRT System 2020-08-18
22. The Study of the Contributing Factors for Choice Behavior Affecting Public Transportation Fixed Term Passes 2020-08-18
23. Study on Feasible Strategies for Solving Public Transportation in Rural Areas 2020-08-18
24. The Service and Enhancement Project for the Information Integration of Traffic Events (2/2) 2020-08-18
25. The Study of Connected Vehicle Experiment Field of Public Transportation in Taiwan 2020-08-18
26. Development of Traffic Collision Analysis Technology using UAV Aerial Videography at Intersections 2020-08-18
27. 2018 Observations of Inter-city Transportation Growth and Decline 2020-07-15
28. Koinonia: A Moving Form of Transportation-2020 Transportation Policy White paper 2020-06-30
29. The 36th Project for Improving Accident-Prone Locations in the Taiwan Area 2020-06-19
30. Annual Statistic Report of Oceanographical Observation Data in Ma-Tsu Offshoe Region at 2018 2020-04-27