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Institute of Transportation, MOTCInstitute of Transportation, MOTC

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Summary of IOT Publications

No. Title Post date
16. The Research on Marine Safety Information Collection and Implication Model of Taiwan 2022-06-15
17. Auxiliary Modes of Diverse Public Transportation Supply-Demand and Information Integration Project 2022-06-14
18. Construction of 5G intelligent transportation digital nerve center (1/2) - Functional architecture discussion and system planning 2022-06-14
19. Application Scenarios and Pilot Run of Vehicle and Pedestrians Traffic Flow Information Using UAV Aerial Videography (1/3) – Establishing a Test Plan 2022-06-14
20. Current Fatigue Monitoring Technologies For Drivers, An International Survey 2022-06-14
21. Appendix: Railway Safety Management System –Compilation of practical work guidelines and educational training materials 2022-06-14
22. MaaS Promotion and Supervision for Taiwan Counties in 2021 2022-06-14
23. A Study on Improving 12 Key Elements in Railway Safety Management System – the Development of Practical Operation Guidelines 2022-06-14
24. Research on Development of Innovative Maritime Ecosystem 2022-05-08
25. A Study of Enhancing Highway System’s Adaptive Capacity in the Planning Phase (1/2) 2022-04-06
26. Advanced Research Planning on the Industrial Promotion of Unmanned Aerial Vechicles Technology Development in Taiwan 2022-03-26
27. Development Project for the Digital Transformation of the Car Rental Industry – Project Management and Supervision of business model design and digital transformation to promote practice 2022-03-22
28. Transportation Issues in the Northern Region and Development Strategies 2021-12-29
29. The Analysis of Project Performance and Application of Promotion Strategy Support in the Pilot Project of Electric Bus (2/2) 2021-12-16
30. The Integrated Overall Development Plan of Taiwan’s Ports(2022~2026) 2021-12-15