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Summary of IOT Publications

Title Project to Review Route-Based Costing Systems and Developing Software Applications for the Bus Services Industry (1/2)
Dept Operation and Management Division
Year 2022
Month 11
Price 440

       To help the Bus Services industry understand the cost structure of subsidized routes and to improve their performance, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) implemented the Route-based Cost Evaluation System in 2000 and also developed associated software applications. To date, public transit operational environment has changed not only in the intellectualization and electrification of hardware, but services and methods of management have also diversified as well, hence the original cost evaluation system has gradually faded into obsolescence. This project will review and suggest modifications to the Bus Service industry’s Route-based Cost Evaluation System and develop the associated cost evaluation software application in response to both the digital
transformation of public transportation management and policymaking needs This project, the first year of a 2-year project, seeks to develop proposals for "Revised Route Costing System for
the Bus Carrier Industry" and the software application framework. These outputs will be provided to the MOTC, Directorate General of Highway, MOTC, and local municipalities for future guidance in fare-setting, subsidization, or other related policy-making efforts to utilize resources more efficiently. These outputs can also be provided to Bus Service companies for internal cost management to improve their operational efficiency and overall quality of public transit services.

Post date 2022-12-13
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