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Summary of IOT Publications

Title Maintenance and Expansion of the Railway Supply and Demand Diagnosis Model Software and Strategy Analysis (1/2)
Dept Engineering Division
Year 2022
Month 7
Price 150

       This project focuses on the maintenance and extension of the Intelligent Railway Platform (IRP), which was developed in an earlier, related project. The goal is to enhance the ability of IRP in analyzing railway construction projects.The Platform can integrate passenger demand and supply to diagnose and analyze railroad scenarios, and also to generate a Railway Congestion Potential Index under given scenarios by integrating rail transportation supply and demand. In addition, this project also incorporates rail vehicles and crew into the IRP.
      The Ministry of Transportation and Communication is now actively implementing a number of railway construction projects, in order to half the travel time to encircle the island, to a max of 6 hours. The expansion of the IRP will serve as an important assessment tool in achieving this goal.

Post date 2022-07-16
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