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Institute of Transportation, MOTCInstitute of Transportation, MOTC

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Summary of IOT Publications

No. Title Post date
91. Maintenance of highway soil slope landslide wireless monitoring system and upgrading of module 2020-04-24
92. Railway Track Fastener Inspection System Establishment (1/2) - A Research on the Establishment of a Defective Fasteners Detection System 2020-04-24
93. A Discussion on the Amendments to and Revision of the Harbor Structure Design Criteria 2020-04-24
94. Maintenance and Expansison of the Functions and Applications of the Harbor Environmental Information Website 2020-04-24
95. Numerical modeling for wave, current and coastal evolution near offshore wind power (2/3) - Numerical modeling of sand drift statistics in the Taichung sea area 2020-04-24
96. Study of the hazard countermeasures in response to the morphological changes near the coastal highway in Taitung 2020-04-24
97. An analysis of ship navigation safety big data database. 2020-04-24
98. Establishment of Real-Time Three-dimensional Meteorological and Air Quality Forecasting System for Ship Emission 2020-04-24
99. Study on ship broken cable early warning system establishment and cable tethering method investigation 2020-04-24
100. Transfer time gap evaluation and enhancement mechanism for Taiwan Railways, Taiwan High Speed Rail, and their shuttle buses 2020-04-24
101. Application of Project Management and Supervision for Mobility as a Service (MaaS) 2020-04-23
102. Study on Comprehensive Land Transportation Planning in Northern Taiwan 2020-04-23
103. Study on Amendment of Pilotage System and Regulations and Intelligent Navigation System for Ships Entering/Leaving Harbors 2020-04-23
104. Review and Analysis of the Dangerous Goods Transport Safety Management System in Taiwan 2020-04-23
105. The Traffic Safety Data Analysis and Application - A Big Data Analysis Approach 2020-04-23