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Summary of IOT Publications

Title A Study on the Strategies for Phasing-in Electric Buses and Preliminary Review of Advanced Driver Assistance System in Taiwan
Dept Information Systems Division
Year 2022
Month 11
Price 740

       In pursuing sustainable development and promoting green transportation, the Government set a goal to replace 10,000 local city buses with electric ones by 2030. The schedule and strategy for promoting electric buses in combination with automatic assisted driving technology in Taiwan are currently being explored. The objectives of this study are to collect information on the development status of electric buses in Taiwan and overseas in accordance with the local bus development policy, to conduct an inventory of electric buses in operation in Taiwan to understand the current operating situation, and to plan a demonstration to understand the key issues and characteristics of electric
buses. By studying the current situation and key technologies in the development of advanced driver assistance systems in foreign countries, we will analyze the state of development of electric buses combined with advanced driver assistance system technology and develop promotional strategies to reach the goal of 10,000 electric city buses in Taiwan by 2030. The research results of this study will serve as a reference for the subsequent promotion of electric buses in Taiwan, enhance the technical level and autonomy of the local electric bus industry, and provide safer and more reliable transportation options for domestic public transport operators. This will allow the public to enjoy better public transport services. The proposed plan will also review the experience in developing electric buses and automatic assisted driving technology in foreign countries, and conduct interviews with foreign experts to better understand the current trends. Interviews with domestic electric bus manufacturers, key component manufacturers, passenger transport operators, and government agencies will also be conducted to explore the current operating environment of buses in the domestic market and the development and use of electric buses in Taiwan, introduce advanced international technologies and integrate domestic R&D resources, plan fleet demonstration projects, and develop promotion plans and strategies for electric buses combined with automatic assisted driving technology. A performance evaluation mechanism will be established and seminars on promotion strategies will be held to confirm their feasibility, which will serve as a reference for Taiwan's subsequent policies on promoting electric buses.

Post date 2022-11-13
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