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Institute of Transportation, MOTC

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Summary of IOT Publications

No. Title Post date
76. A thorough reflection on training, licensing, and management of domestic automobile drivers (Volume II) 2022-03-17
77. A Comprehensive Review on Domestic Driving Training, Driver’s License Test, and Driver Management System (Volume I) 2022-03-17
78. Transportation Issues in the Northern Region and Development Strategies 2021-12-29
79. The Analysis of Project Performance and Application of Promotion Strategy Support in the Pilot Project of Electric Bus (2/2) 2021-12-16
80. The Integrated Overall Development Plan of Taiwan’s Ports(2022~2026) 2021-12-15
81. Implementation and Marketing of the Diversified Cycling Route Network Information System (I) 2021-12-06
82. A Series of Studies on the Overall Transportation Planning of Southern Taiwan Region (2/2) - Transportation Supply / Demand Forecast and Development Strategy Analysis 2021-12-06
83. An Integrated Technical Planning and Evaluation of Upgrading and Diversifying Island Round Cycling Routes (I) 2021-12-06
84. Rail Capacity Manual in Taiwan - Light Rail Transits Chapter (A and B-Type Right-of-ways) 2021-12-03
85. The Research on the Access Transportation Improvement for Intercontinental Container Center in Kaohsiung Port 2021-12-03
86. The Guide Manual on Traffic Engineering Safety Design Based on the Accident Types at Intersections 2021-10-26
87. Maintenance, Functional Enhancement and Education Training of the Decision Support System for the Scanning of Public Transit Service Gaps (2/2) 2021-10-26
88. Research and Analysis on Applying Traffic Management Strategies to Reduce Traffic Air Pollution in Metropolitan Areas (1/3) - Research Area Classification and Preliminary Investigation 2021-10-13
89. A Study on the Participation of Automobile Transportation Industry in the GHG Offset Project 2021-09-11
90. Research on the Capacity and Level of Service Analysis of Freeway and Expressway Merging and Diverging Area (2/3) – Non-isolated Merging Area for On-ramp and Non-isolated Diverging Area for Off-ramp 2021-09-08