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Institute of Transportation, MOTCInstitute of Transportation, MOTC

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Summary of IOT Publications

No. Title Post date
76. Annual Report of Observation Data of Waves in Twelve Offshoe Regions at 2018 2020-04-24
77. Annual Report of Observation Data of Winds in Twelve Offshoe Regions at 2018 2020-04-24
78. Correlation Analysis of Land Subsidence and Groundwater Level 2020-04-24
79. Study on the Maintenance strategy and Management system of Taichung harbor structures 2020-04-24
80. Establishment of Web-based Inquiry System of Kaohsiung Harbor’s Basic Engineering Data 2020-04-24
81. Analysis and Research on the Maintenance of the Earthquake Disaster Rapid Reporting System in the Harbor Area and Strata Subsidence Survey in 2019 2020-04-24
82. Investigation on Corrosive Environment of Metal Materials in Coastal Areas of Taiwan in 2019 2020-04-24
83. Study on Feasible Application of Geotextiles to the Protection of Bridge Piers Foundation 2020-04-24
84. The assessments of harbor entrance siltation and adjacent beach erosion induced by the inshore harbor configurations in the eastern coasts of Taiwan. 2020-04-24
85. Sea Simulation and Long Wave Early Warning Research of Harbor(2/4)- Simulation Evaluation and Long Wave Forecasting Research 2020-04-24
86. The Best Wavelet for Water Waves and Its Optimization ––Wavelet Coherences versus Fourier Coherences 2020-04-24
87. E-Navigation with Ship Monitoring and W arning Systems 2020-04-24
88. Analysis of 108 years of meteorological observations in Taiwan domestic, commercial port waters 2020-04-24
89. Analysis of meteo-oceanographic observations near international harbors in Taiwan (2019) 2020-04-24
90. Monitoring program for the homogenous soil shallow landslide wireless monitoring system on highway slope 2020-04-24