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Institute of Transportation, MOTCInstitute of Transportation, MOTC

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Summary of IOT Publications

No. Title Post date
76. The Study of Smart Energy Saving Telematics used in the development of Public Transportation Industry - taking bus as an example 2020-10-22
77. A Study on Promoting Railway Traffic Safety Assurance Mechanism 2020-10-16
78. A Preliminary Study of Travel Behaviors of Senior Citizens 2020-08-28
79. The Study of Applying the AI Image Recognition Technology in Traffic Data Collection and Analysis 2020-08-28
80. A Study and Analysis on Assessment Indicator and Estimation of Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emission for Land Transportation Industry (2/2) 2020-08-28
81. A Study and Analysis on the Results of Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategies Raised by Transportation Sectors 2020-08-27
82. A Study of the Applications of On-Board Diagnostic System (OBD) for Transportation Technology Management 2020-08-27
83. Demonstration Plan of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) (2/2) 2020-08-27
84. Observations on the Trip Characteristics of Freeway, Railway and Freeway Passenger Transportation Service during Chinese New Year Consecutive Holidays 2020-08-20
85. Light Rail Transit Capacity Analysis and Applications Study (1/2) - Capacity Model Development for A-Type and B-Type Right-of-Way 2020-08-20
86. Maintenance Service of the Transportation Infrastructure Decision Support System (2019) 2020-08-20
87. Preliminary Plan of Upgrading and Diversifying Island Round Cycling Routes Integration and Planning 2020-08-18
88. Vehicle Operating Cost Survey and Analysis of Taiwan (1/2) 2020-08-18
89. The Third Year Plan of the Development of Image Data for the Demonstration System and Marketing of Cycle Route 2020-08-18
90. Preliminary Study on the Distribution of Flight Networks in Major Asian Airports by Connectivity 2020-08-18