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Summary of IOT Publications

Title Maintenance Service of the Transportation Planning Support System (2021)
Dept Transportation Planning and Land Transport Division
Year 2022
Month 7
Price 0

There are competitive, cooperative and complementary relationships between the construction programs of all types of transportation systems. To have a better handle on transportation system development, it is necessary to establish an overall assessment model to improve the efficiency of resource allocation. In conjunction with the national policy and development direction
in recent years, the Institute of Transportation, MOTC, and the overall transportation development blueprint-related planning operations have been undertaken. The “transportation planning and support system” and integrated databases have been set up to assist the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) in conducting plans for improving the overall traffic system in
four regions: northern, central, southern, and eastern regions and strengthening the relevance between long and middle distance traffic plans and superior policies as well as a stable layout.
In recent years, the transportation planning and support system has continued to be maintained and promoted. Resource integration, mutual sharing, and mutual benefit among platform systems were carried out to strengthen the quality and speed of support transportation planning. In order to continue to collect and update the basic data of the system, and maintain the normal
operation of databases and systems, the “technical services for maintenance of transportation planning and support systems (2021)” were implemented. The work items completed this year included:
1. Maintaining and updating the existing transportation planning integrated database to support the overall transportation
development assessment operations and provide relevant analysis data in accordance with policy solutions and issue
2. Maintaining and operating the Transportation Planning Support System to perform information security maintenance, system testing and validation of data reasonableness.
3. Completed the development of a more user-friendly system home page, website map and function introduction, and optimized the advanced query and comparison functions for the transportation construction plans.
4. Improved the database query function, including the new demand-supply ratio of the Pingzha Line, high-speed rail, Taiwan Railway, and national highway bus trip origin-destination distribution data query.
5. Helped complete the observation reports on intercity transportation in 2019 and 2020 and the observation reports on the characteristics of highway and railroad passenger trips during the spring festival from 2019-2021.
The results of this Program have been disseminated widely, and offered as a reference to be used for the Agencies related to transportation planning of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications and the affiliated Railways and Highway Administration Agencies, and academic units.

Post date 2022-07-04
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