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Institute of Transportation, MOTC

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Latest News

No. Title Post date
1. The First International Forum on Urban Air Mobility (UAM) in Taiwan International Benchmark Operators Gather in Taiwan to Jointly Discuss UAM Development Trends 2024-03-20
2. Taiwan Hosts APEC Conference on Exploring New Age for Mobility Integration (second international forum) 2024-01-18
3. Enhancing Traffic Safety Education starting at young ages; diverse learning Incorporating emerging technology into school traffic safety education. 2023-12-22
4. 「Time For Taiwan」 2023-10-11
5. MeN Go is Five Years Old! The Taiwan-Japan Maas Collaboration has Officially Begun (A free ride on the Enoshima Electric Railway to be a slam-dunk for one day as a gift) 2023-09-27
6. Comparison table of unit names before and after reorganization (English name) 2023-09-14
7. Monitoring of Oceanographic and Meteorological Information in the Harbor Area via the Harbor Environment Information Website 2023-08-08
8. New Trend in Metropolitan Commuting Taipei Metropolitan Area Bicycle Commuting Route Demonstration Plan Online Stamp Collection Activity 2023-06-20
9. Mechanical Arm to Facilitate Bridge Beam Bottom Detection: Improving the Quality of Bridge Inspections 2023-02-10
10. Taiwan Holds the Intermodal and Intelligent Transportation Systems Experts Group APEC Conference on Exploring the New Age for Mobility Integration 2022-12-14
11. New Technique for Bridge Foundation Protection Enhancing Bridge Anti-washout Capacity 2022-10-18
12. AI Image Recognition Technology for Large Vehicle Safety Management 2022-08-29
13. The MOTC Cooperates with UAS-Taiwan to Strengthen International Links 2022-07-19
14. Constructing Railway Supply and Demand Diagnosis Model Software through the Use of Big Data Analysis Technology 2022-05-23
15. The Co-creation of International Business opportunities for the Drone Industry through Cooperation between MOTC and UAS Taiwan 2022-03-23