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Institute of Transportation, MOTCInstitute of Transportation, MOTC

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Latest News

No. Title Post date
1. Journal 2020-06-29
2. A Study on Countermeasures against Taitung Coastal Highway Morphological Changes 2020-05-05
3. The Creation and Application of the Track Fastener Defect Identification System 2020-03-03
4. Image Recognition and AI Technology Applications in Enhancing Traffic Event Management Practices 2019-12-26
5. Advocacy of Monitoring Corrosive Environment for Assurance of Public Work Quality and Longevity 2019-08-23
6. IOT Held the “Improvement of Pedestrian Safety at Road Junctions Workshop” to Bolster the Safety of Pedestrians at Road Junctions 2019-08-16
7. Develop airport simulation model to support TIA management decision making 2019-06-06
8. IOT credited for its efforts in assisting and promoting disaster prevention and relief technology applications 2019-06-06
9. Developing Port Structure Maintenance and Management for Enhancing Port Maintenance and Management Performance 2019-03-06
10. Traffic Event Information Integration Service Real-time traffic event information enables swift response 2018-11-01
11. Men-Go in Your Hand, All You Can Ride in Kaohsiung MOTC Launches Innovative Monthly Pass 2018-10-17
12. Wave attack warning counter-measure! Wave attack warning system for TaiTung coastal road 2018-08-28
13. Portal Mechanical Arm: a New Tool for Bridge Inspections 2018-07-16
14. New page in scooter riding safety education- Learn to be a safe scooter driver with phone game by MOTC 2018-06-07
15. Passenger carrier's assistant – driver health management system 2018-06-06