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Institute of Transportation, MOTCInstitute of Transportation, MOTC

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Press Releases

No. Title Post date
1. New Technique for Bridge Foundation Protection Enhancing Bridge Anti-washout Capacity 2022-10-18
2. AI Image Recognition Technology for Large Vehicle Safety Management 2022-08-29
3. The MOTC Cooperates with UAS-Taiwan to Strengthen International Links 2022-07-19
4. Constructing Railway Supply and Demand Diagnosis Model Software through the Use of Big Data Analysis Technology 2022-05-23
5. Gathering Mobility as a Service (MaaS) experience of European Countries, the United States, Japa, and Taiwan to Find Blue Oceans for Taiwan’s Smart Mobility 2021-12-07
6. The “Transportation Infrastructure Decision Support System” Conducted by Institute of Transportation, MOTC Receives “TGOS” Value-added Application Award Presented by the Ministry of the Interior 2021-11-30
7. The Launch of Innovative Taxi Ridesharing Services for Students by MeNGo 2021-11-01
8. “The Miracle Pilot - MOTC Drone Promotion Result Presentation” 2021-10-22
9. Promoting Climate Change Adaptation Education in Transportation Systems; Strengthening the Construction of Adaptation Capabilities 2021-10-06
10. UAV Aerial Videography + AI Image Recognition to Help Localities Maintain Safety at Intersections 2021-09-09
11. Wave Attack Early Warning System for Hualien Coastal Highway Improve the Safety of Coastal Highway 2021-09-08
12. "Taiwan Bike" Web Portal - Riders welcome to make more use of it 2021-08-12
13. The Institute of Transportation Promotes Accident Collision Type-oriented Design Examples to Improve Intersection Safety 2021-08-04
14. The APEC Intermodal and Intelligent Transportation Systems Experts Group, IIEG Policy Theme Meeting Held in Taiwan for First Time 2021-07-09
15. The Application of Big Data for Convenient Transfer 2021-06-24