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Institute of Transportation, MOTCInstitute of Transportation, MOTC

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Transportation Dissertation

No. Title Year
1. Emissions Inventory of Freight Transport for Petrochemical Industry- A Case Study of T Corp 2022
2. Exploring the Design Considerations of Elderly-Friendly Motorcycle 2022
3. The Impacts of User-generated Contents and Firm-generated Contents in the Context of Social Media on Brand Equity 2022
4. Analysis of the Crucial Factors for the Approval of Autonomous Vehicles on Freeway in Taiwan 2022
5. Analysis of Interference between 5G Mobile Communications and Satellite Communications 2022
6. Assess the Impact of Starlink Satellite Communications Services on Taiwan’s Communications Industry 2022
7. The Effects of Vocal Characteristics on Attachment, Trust and Advocacy to Person Brand via Warmth and Competence: Using Podcasters as an Example 2022
8. Exploring Potential Users’ Choice Behavior Intention of Shared Electric Scooter 2022
9. Analyzing Accident Injury Severity at Intersections of Active Transport Users 2022
10. Exploratory Research on Innovative Service of Smart Roadside Parking Guidance System: A Case Study of Tainan City 2022
11. A study on the influence of container shipping companies’ profitability reliability in Taiwan before and after the COVID-19 epidemic 2022
12. Research on Central Law and Regulatory Framework of Taiwan's Autonomous Vehicles Development 2022
13. Investigating Factors Affecting Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Workplace Deviant Behavior: A Case Study of Taiwan Railway Administration 2022
14. Implementation of Digital Mobile Radio by Software Defined Radio 2022
15. Use Intention of Potential Users to University Campus Public Bicycle System 2019