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Institute of Transportation, MOTCInstitute of Transportation, MOTC

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Transportation Dissertation

No. Title Year
1. Forecasting of International Cargo Volumes and Contagion Effect due to Major Disasters 2016
2. Forecasting of International Cargo volumes and Contagion Effect due to Major Disasters 2016
3. Investigating Accident Characteristics and Factors influencing Injury Severity for 15-17 years old Motorcycle Riders and Passengers 2020
4. A study of dynamic decision model for marketing of a cruise company 2017
5. Exploring the Key Successful Factors of Sharing Economy:the Case of Shared Bikes in Taipei City 2020
6. A Route-Carrier Choice Model: The Impacts of Airline Mergers on Passengers’ Welfare 2019
7. Optimization Model and Solution Algorithm for the General Share-a-ride Problem with Electric Vehicles 2019
8. Optimal Scheduling for Shared Parking System Considering Stochastic Arrival Times 2019
9. A Study on Air Passengers ’ Willingness to Pay and Willingness to Accept for Denied Boarding 2019
10. Investigating the Heterogeneity and Asymmetry of Air Passengers' Preferences for Travel Time Components at Airports 2019
11. The Effects of Legal Consciousness on Aberrant Road Using Behavior for the Elderly 2019
12. Antecedents of Consumer Purchasing Intentions of Electric Motorcycle : Moderating Effect of Motivations of Hedonic and Utilitarian 2019
13. Investigating Passenger Activities in Airport Terminals Using Dynamic Choice Models 2019
14. A Meta-frontier Data Envelopment Analysis Model under Optimal Clustering - Case Study on Intercity Bus Companies 2019
15. The Study of Adjusting the Reasonableness of Estimating Origin and Destination by Using Cellular 2019