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Institute of Transportation, MOTC

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Transportation Dissertation

No. Title Year
1. Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem with Overlapping Service Regions 2018
2. Convenience or Discount? The Analysis of Travelers’ Willingness-to-Pay for Bundling Airline Services 2018
3. A Survey of Competition Factors at the Maritime Union Reorganization – The example of Kaohsiung Port and Xiamen Port 2018
4. Exploring Individual’s Intention toward Mobility as a Service 2018
5. The Effect of Rapid Transit Systematization on Railways Capacity of Taiwan Railways Administration(TRA) 2018
6. Investigating the Relationship between Urban Regional Development and Road Traffic Accidents 2018
7. Causality Analysis of BDI with the indices of GDP, CRU, DAX and Energy 2018
8. Carbon Allowance Allocation in the Shipping Industry under Different Economic Activities 2018
9. Key Factors Contributing to the Mileages Traveled of Cars and Motorcycles 2021
10. The Study and Improvement Strategies on the Elderly Motorcyclists Violation of Left Turn Failure to yield 2022
11. Applying Pedestrian-Vehicle Conflict on Evaluation of Pedestrian Crossing Facilities Installation 2022
12. Exploring Characteristics of Pedestrian-Vehicle Conflict and Degree of Conflict Risk on Sidewalk 2022
13. Improvement Strategies of Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5) from Mobile Pollution Source- Case Study in Urban Area of Kaohsiung 2019
14. The Analysis of Reduction Strategies on Port Emissions Inventory -A Case of Kaohsiung Port 2018
15. An Optimization Network Model of Recovery Tail Assignment Following Temporary Aircraft Grounded 2022