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Institute of Transportation, MOTC

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Transportation Dissertation

No. Title Year
1. Analysis of the Impact of bus-to-curb distance during bus stops on traffic flow safety and efficiency 2023
2. The Impact of Carbon Emission Costs on Coastal Container Shipping in Taiwan 2023
3. Exploring Traffic Characteristics and Behaviors Analysis at Unsignalized Intersections Using Trajectory Data 2023
4. Investigating the Effect of Job Demands-Resources on Employee Attitude and Behavior in the Telecommunications Industry: The Mediating Role of Emotion Regulation 2017
5. Examining the Economic and Social Regulations of Ride-sourcing Services in Asia: The Cases of Singapore, Philippines, China, Japan, and Taiwan 2018
6. Association Rule Mining for Red-Light Running and Other Violations of Heavy Vehicles 2023
7. Time-dependent bikeway network design with demand elasticity 2023
8. Applying AIS Data to the Traffic Separation Scheme Planning in Taiwan Strait 2023
9. Priority Signal Coordination Between Emergency Cars and Light Rails 2023
10. Investigating the Relationship between Motorcyclist Driving Behavior and Eye Movement: the Impact of Different Navigation Modes 2023
11. The Study of analyze the Transit Deserts 2023
12. Comparison of Consumer Preferences of MaaS Bundling Package in Different Types of Cities 2023
13. A Study on Airline’s Charging Scheme of Checked Baggage: Analysis of Travelers’ Preference and Pricing Strategies 2023
14. Analysis of TRA Express Train Passenger Satisfaction and Loyalty-Considering the Impact of E-Ticketing System 2023
15. A Study on Taiwan's Low Earth Orbit FSS Regulations –The Case of SpaceX's Starlink 2022