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Institute of Transportation, MOTCInstitute of Transportation, MOTC

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Summary of IOT Publications

No. Title Post date
1. Project to Review Route-Based Costing Systems and Developing Software Applications for the Bus Services Industry (1/2) 2022-12-13
2. Applying Railway Capacity Analysis Approach to Improve Operational Planning 2022-11-24
3. A Preliminary Study of the Institute of Transportation’s Future Research Directions by Using Driving Simulator. 2022-11-24
4. A Study on the Strategies for Phasing-in Electric Buses and Preliminary Review of Advanced Driver Assistance System in Taiwan 2022-11-13
5. Analysis of Capacity and Service Levels of Merging and Diverging Areas for Freeways and Expressways (3/3) – Analysis and Revision of the Taiwan Highway Capacity Manual 2022-11-13
6. A study on Establishing Airside Capacity Evaluation and Analysis Methods of International Airports Using Simulation Models (1/2) - Airside Capacity Evaluation and Analysis of Taipei Songshan Airport 2022-08-24
7. The 39th Project for Improving Accident-Prone Locations in the Taiwan Area 2022-07-16
8. Key Factors and Feasibility Analysis for Promoting the Development of Taiwan's High-end Maritime Industry 2022-07-16
9. Maintenance and Expansion of the Railway Supply and Demand Diagnosis Model Software and Strategy Analysis (1/2) 2022-07-16
10. 2021 Maintenance and data analysis for the International Air Transport Database 2022-07-06
11. 2021 Maintenance and data analysis for the International Maritime Database 2022-07-06
12. UAV Integration Demonstration Program Promotion and Management Services 2022-07-06
13. Maintenance Service of the Transportation Planning Support System (2021) 2022-07-04
14. Applying Artificial Intelligence Techniques to Identifying Accident-prone Road Sections: Development of Driving Behavior Analysis and Image Recognition Using Out-of-vehicle Camera Videos 2022-06-30
15. 2022 Taiwan Highway Capacity Manual 2022-06-30