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Summary of IOT Publications

Title The 39th Project for Improving Accident-Prone Locations in the Taiwan Area
Dept Transportation Safety Division
Year 2022
Month 7
Price 280

       The 39th Project for the Improvement of Accident-Prone Road Sections in the Taiwan Area was carried out as a work item of the 13th Road Traffic Order and Traffic Safety Improvement Program approved by the Executive Yuan in 2018 (project number: Jiao-Yun23601).
       In this project, The Road Safety Information Platform analyzed statistical data of road traffic accidents (Categories A1 and A2) in the Taiwan Area from 2020 to identify accident-prone locations. It then sent a report to the contact windows/supervisory departments for road safety in every county and city. It compiled the accidentprone locations as they were reported back to IOT by those counterparts, based on their on-paper assessments or on-site investigations, as input for the improvement plans.
       The Project for the Improvement of Accident-Prone Road Sections improved 58 locations, with a total
expenditure of TWD 16,706,643 and an average improvement cost of TWD 288,045 per location.

Post date 2022-07-16
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