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Institute of Transportation, MOTC

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Trans. Planning Journal

No. Title Year
136. Jaycustomer Behavior and Its Influence on Flight Attendants’ Service Sabotage Intentions 2012
137. Calculation of MRT Service Performance Indicators of Passenger Flow with a Simulation Model 2012
138. Exploring the Effects of Oil Price and HSR Ticket Discounts on Intercity Modal Choice Behaviors Based on a Cusp Catastrophe Model 2012
139. An Optimization Model for Annual Schedule Adjustments in an Aircraft Maintenance Terminal 2012
140. Understanding the Development of Highway and City Bus Services at Rural or Low Density Areas in Taiwan and Finding Improvement Strategies 2012
141. A Revised Market Regulation Framework for Highway/Urban Passenger Transportation 2012
142. An Application of Grey Theory to Global Trade Prediction by Port Container hroughputs 2012
143. A Hybrid Model for Airline Maintenance Outsourcing Selection 2012
144. Service Quality Risk Evaluation Of Coach Services On National Freeways: A Taipei-Hsinchu Line Case Study 2012
145. A Study Of The Issues And Response Strategies For Container Ports In Taiwan After The Commencement Of Cross-Strait Direct Shipping 2012
146. Financial Analysis Of Applying Tax Increment Financing To Mrt Project Review 2012
147. Using The Hybrid Mcdm To Construct The Evaluation Mechanism Of Railway Grade Separation Projects In Taiwan 2012
148. Impacts of Rotterdam Rules upon Ocean Cargo Carriers’ Liabilities 2011
149. Key Changes of High-Potential Bus Policy in Taichung City 2011
150. A Bus Scheduling Model and Solution Algorithm for Inter-School Class Attendance 2011