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Institute of Transportation, MOTC

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Trans. Planning Journal

No. Title Year
91. Study on the Effects of Service Convenience and Corporate Credibility on the Intention to Use Taiwan High Speed Rail App: Moderating Role of Corporate Credibility 2015
92. A Simulation Analysis on the Asymptotic Stability of Linear and Nonlinear Car-Following Models 2015
93. Diffusion Process of Cross-Strait Retailing Delivery Services 2015
94. The Grade Adjustment Factor of Queue Discharge Behavior on Divided Urban Streets 2015
95. Optimal Adjustment of Annual Aircraft Maintenance Schedule under Stochastic Aircraft Check-In and Maintenance Times 2015
96. Transportation Policy Making Using MCDM Model: The Case of Hualien 2015
97. A Model with an Algorithm for Cash Transportation Vehicle Routing and Scheduling Problems Considering Conveyance Risks 2015
98. On the Approximation of Finite Difference Methods for Continuum Traffic Flow Models 2015
99. Using Space Syntax and Pedestrian-Oriented Design Concepts to Examine the Rationality of the Land Use Configuration of Tod Districts 2015
100. The Strategy Analysis for the Development of an International Cruise Home Port 2014
101. An Analysis of Key Influential Factors for Ship Registration by Taiwanese Container Shipping Lines after the Cross-Strait Direct Shipping Links 2014
102. An Optimal Location Model for the Bicycle Sharing System: A Case Study of the Kaohsiung City-Bike System 2014
103. The Impact of Bus Routes on Passenger Volume in Taiwan: Evidence from Quantile Regression 2014
104. Price Regulation Strategies for Domestic Air Routes with Consideration of Airline Competition Behaviors 2014
105. The Development Strategies and Marketing Demand Analysis for Cross-Strait Ferry Transportation 2014