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Institute of Transportation, MOTCInstitute of Transportation, MOTC

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Trans. Planning Journal

No. Title Year
121. The Liability of Delay in Delivery and the Analysis of Its Application in the Rotterdam Rules in Marine Cargo Claims 2013
122. Estimating Parameters and Commercial Performance by Using Bayesian Stochastic Frontier Analysis Method 2013
123. Project Portfolio Selection for Transportation Programming Using Grey Multiobjective Programming 2013
124. Impact Analysis of Transportation Capability by Speed Limit in Xueshan Tunnel 2013
125. A Decision Support System for Optimizing Railway Stopping Patterns and Train Service Plan - Application to the Taiwan High Speed Rail 2013
126. An Analysis of the Changes in Spatial Structure for Travel Demand Based on Census Data 2013
127. Evaluating The Effect Of Motorcycle Idling Stops During Red Time On Energy Saving And Carbon Reduction 2012
128. Regional Differences In Resource Allocation Of Highway Transportation Supply And Subsidy In Taiwan Area 2012
129. The Influence On Transshipment Function Of Kaohsiung Port By The Trunk-Route Deployments In The East Asia And Cross-Strait Direct Shipping 2012
130. The Study Of Bus Arrival Times Based On Data Collected From APTS 2012
131. Jaycustomer Behavior and Its Influence on Flight Attendants’ Service Sabotage Intentions 2012
132. An Optimization Model for Annual Schedule Adjustments in an Aircraft Maintenance Terminal 2012
133. Calculation of MRT Service Performance Indicators of Passenger Flow with a Simulation Model 2012
134. Exploring the Effects of Oil Price and HSR Ticket Discounts on Intercity Modal Choice Behaviors Based on a Cusp Catastrophe Model 2012
135. Understanding the Development of Highway and City Bus Services at Rural or Low Density Areas in Taiwan and Finding Improvement Strategies 2012