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Institute of Transportation, MOTCInstitute of Transportation, MOTC

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Trans. Planning Journal

No. Title Year
76. An Optimal Routing and Scheduling Model for Regular Bridge Inspections 2016
77. To Understand the Effects of Transportation Costs under Different Exchange Rate Regimes 2016
78. Representative Vehicles for Design of Grade Segments on Taiwan’s Freeways 2016
79. How Factors of Port Areas Services in Keelung Harbor Affect Cruise Passengers’ Satisfaction 2015
80. A Multi-Objective Programming Model of Budget Allocation in Low Carbon Transportation Projects 2015
81. Simulation Modelling and Analysis of Taiwan Railway Administration’s MRT-Type Operations by Using Stochastic Petri Nets 2015
82. The Route Design of Feeder Bus in Small and Medium Township 2015
83. Analysis of Potential Risks for Bicyclist 2015
84. Application of Hub Location and Allocation Models in Route Planning for Container Liner Services 2015
85. Analyzing Drivers’ Adoption Intentions of eTag Service of Electronic Toll Collection System on the Freeways 2015
86. Study on the Effects of Service Convenience and Corporate Credibility on the Intention to Use Taiwan High Speed Rail App: Moderating Role of Corporate Credibility 2015
87. Optimal Adjustment of Annual Aircraft Maintenance Schedule under Stochastic Aircraft Check-In and Maintenance Times 2015
88. A Simulation Analysis on the Asymptotic Stability of Linear and Nonlinear Car-Following Models 2015
89. The Grade Adjustment Factor of Queue Discharge Behavior on Divided Urban Streets 2015
90. Diffusion Process of Cross-Strait Retailing Delivery Services 2015