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Institute of Transportation, MOTCInstitute of Transportation, MOTC

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Trans. Planning Journal

No. Title Year
106. Analyzing the Typology of Service Failures and Service Recoveries for Airlines: Using Service Blueprinting and Critical Incident Technique 2014
107. Study on City Landscape Image-Oriented Evaluation of Exterior Design of Light Rail Vehicle –The Case of Tamhai’s LRT 2014
108. Evaluation of Container Terminal Operations Model in Taiwan after Port Corporatization 2014
109. Risk Treatment of Railroad Crossings for Taiwan Railways Administration –A Case Study on Obstacle Detection System 2014
110. Multiple Period Optimization of a Taxi Market 2014
111. Flag Selections for Direct Shipping Vessels: A Case Study on Taiwanese Bulk Shipping Companies 2013
112. A Study on Other Insurance between Marine Cargo and Erection All Risks Insurance – Discuss of Supreme Court Verdict No.379 in 2005 2013
113. A Study of Signal Control for Oversaturated Arterials 2013
114. Optimal Selection of Diversified Business Model for Taiwan International Ports Corporation 2013
115. Market Catchment Area Analysis towards Metropolis’s Two Airports for City Airport-Pair Flights: A Case of Songshan-Taoyuan Airports 2013
116. A Bargaining Model for Concession Period and Royalty for Transportation BOT Projects 2013
117. Mining TRA’s Transaction Data for Loyalty Program Rules 2013
118. Assessment on Operation Performance of Subsidized Regional Bus Service in Rural Area 2013
119. A Study on an Empty Container Dispatch Model for Merchant Ships in the Pearl River Delta Area – The Case Study on Merchant Ships of Specific Nationality 2013
120. The Establishment and Application of Spatial Decision Support Indicators for the Review Process of Intercity Bus Routes 2013