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Institute of Transportation, MOTCInstitute of Transportation, MOTC

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Summary of IOT Publications

No. Title Post date
1441. The Taiwan Area Integrated Transportation Systems Plan-Traffic Surveys and Travel Characteristics Analyses 1996-09-24
1442. The Study of Parking Generation Rates for Different Land-Uses in Taipei City 1996-09-23
1443. The Planning and Design Manual of Traffic Control Devices-General Part 1996-09-23
1444. The Dumping Site Selection and Transport Route Programming for Metropolitan Construction Work Soil 1996-09-23
1445. The Planning and Design Manual of Traffic Control Devices-Marking Part 1996-09-23
1446. Dual-Mode Bus System-A Preliminary Study of the Technologies and Applications 1996-09-23
1447. Studies on International Maritime Conventions (3)—a Draft of Revised ROC Rules for Loading and Stowage of Grain in Bulk Ships 1996-09-23
1448. Automatic Fare Collection System Planning of Public Transportation in Kinmen Hsien 1996-09-23
1449. Express cargo processing zone at CKS int'1 airport 1995-12-25
1450. The Short-Term Plan to Improve the Interchange Connector Road System for the Existing First Freeway 1995-09-29
1451. Study on Domestic Air Transportation Regulations 1995-09-22