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Transportation Dissertation

Title A study of dynamic decision model for marketing of a cruise company
Year 2017
Degree Master
School Department of Transportation and Logistics management National Chiao Tung University

Princess Cruise cooperates with local travel agents to sell cruise journey, and Princess Cruise is in charge of marketing business to avoid travel agents wrong decision on marketing which may hurt company’s reputation. How to allocate marketing budget to different marketing program which makes the sales of cruise journey more smoothly is an issue. Based on the dynamic programming model of resource allocation, this paper constructs a set of dynamic marketing decision model which makes the decision makers of the marketing department can quickly determine how the current marketing budget will be allocated to different marketing programs then optimize the box income. This paper verifies the feasibility of the dynamic marketing decision model with the simulated data and finds that the decision model can provide sets of marketing programs which cost less and brings more box income.

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