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Summary of IOT Publications

Title A Study on Promoting Railway Traffic Safety Assurance Mechanism
Dept IOT
Year 2020
Month 10
Price 500

       In order to promote Safety Management System (SMS) to further improve railway traffic safety of our country, this Study continues the previous study results (12 key elements of Railway SMS) to deeply investigate five of these key elements related to safety assurance, and develops practical operational guidelines and educational training materials appropriate for Taiwan railway operators.  
       This Study organizes and compares the safety assurance mechanism of Aviation Industry SMS, Domestic and International Railway Industry SMS, and similar Management Systems to propose the 4-level Safety Assurance Practical Operational Guidelines appropriate for railway operations of our country based on the previous studies (SMS 3-level Operational Guidelines) with a total of 5 key elements including 19 steps and hundreds of sub-steps, for the railway operators to develop their own appropriate procedures or to check the completeness of their existing procedures. Furthermore, this Study collects practical cases from railway operators to establish educational training 
materials in assisting the illustration of practical applications of the Operational Guidelines. This Study also applies Operational Guidelines with Taiwan Railway Administrations (TRA) as the example to check and improve safety assurance actions, and further proposes 16 promotional suggestions for the subsequent safety assurance for Taiwan Railway Administration. 
       In summary, in addition to develop complete Practical Operational Guidelines of 12 elements to implement safety assurance and ensure SMS effectiveness, this Study also recommends the government shall continue strengthening supervision capacity including the development of the superior promotion guiding principles, the establishment of a verification mechanism, and the development of evaluation manuals to further enhance the railway traffic safety comprehensively. 

Post date 2020-10-16
Count Views:94