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Updating, expansion and data analysis services for “International Air Transportation Database” in 2016

  • Date:2019-03-05
  • Update:2019-03-05
  • Department:IOT

Research result:

  Until now, the infrastructure, operation service and shipping capacity of 185 airports all over the world (Including the airports in Taiwan, the China airports operating the straight-traffic and other major airports in the world) are preserved and managed in the aforesaid database. The data updating and function enhancing will be executed continuously, inclusive of database maintaining, database content updating, user interface improving, analysis and function expanding for a more effective statistical analysis of the data.

  Based on the passenger starting and destination data, the following airports are checked for understanding the starting and destination route of passengers, i.e. Taipei (TPE), Seoul (ICN), Hong Kong (HKG), Tokyo (NRT), Singapore (SIN), Shanghai (PVG), Dubai (DXB), Los Angeles (LAX), New York (JFK) and Vancouver (YVR), etc. Further, the following four issues are also analyzed, including:

  • Analysis of passengers entering and exiting Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
  • Analysis of China passengers entering and exiting 3 major airports in North America.
  • Analysis of Hong Kong, Macao and SE Asia passengers entering and exiting 3 major airports in North America.
  • Comparison of key transfer airports in Asia.

Promotion of result:

  Since the database was implemented, we have collected the true starting and destination data for the passengers entering and exiting major international airports from 2012 until now in order to understand the market competition status between Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and other major airports in the world and to analyze key issues with the content of the database. In the meantime, we also report annual key air transportation issues to MOTC, such as:

  • Estimation of possible traffic of Chinese passengers that will make transfer trips in Taiwan.
  • Starting and ending data link analysis for international aviation passenger transportation – taking passengers making round trip between SE Asian and major airports in North America.
  • Starting and ending distribution and comparison for the air transportation in Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.
  • Analyze the supply-and-demand situation of air traffic market in Taiwan and the target countries for New Southbound Policy by Bid Data Method.

  Being required by CAA (Civil Aeronautics Administration), we provided the facilities and operation service data for major airports of other countries in August 2016 and February 2017 respectively.

  In March and May 2017, we presented “Application of Big Data in the Initial Study on International Air Transportation” during “2017 Maritime & air Transportation Thesis Seminar” and also published the “Analysis of Passenger Starting & Ending Data Link for Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport” article in the Air Transportation Journal.

  To enhance the value-added data application, a seminar was convened on November 29, 2016 where representatives from MOTC, Maritime Port Bureau and Taoyuan International Airport Corporation were invited for information exchange, hoping that suggestions contributing to the elevation of database system could be obtained. In the meantime, the future analysis and improving direction was also discussed.

  In short-term, we will analyze relevant issues according to the data collected in the database and then submit key issues to MOTC, Maritime Port Bureau and Taoyuan International Airport Corporation for making decisions. In mid-term, the database will be used as a platform for establishing data sharing channel in order to expand the existing data analysis scope and issue international air transportation analysis articles regularly.

Aviation network (Flight service) for the airport maintenance management

Analysis of source and destination countries for passengers in Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

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