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Institute of Transportation, MOTC

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Traffic Event Information Integration Service Real-time traffic event information enables swift response

  • Date:2018-11-01
  • Update:2019-10-29
  • Department:IOT

  Traffic events such as accidents, traffic congestion, and road works often generate significant road blockages and confusion in metropolitan areas. The counties and cities are unfortunately unable to connect such information from their various bureaus and agencies, which leads to citizen complaints about their inability to swiftly solve such traffic situations. The Institute of Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications is currently working with the Kaohsiung City Government to establish a “Traffic Event Information Integration Service Platform” to integrate 19 event sources from 11 national and local units in the city, and to transmit the traffic events to the relevant authorities in the shortest time, so that traffic flow management and countermeasures can be initiated immediately and traffic can start to flow in good time.

  The City Traffic Event Information Integration Service program of project managed by the Institute of Transportation is taking inventory of traffic event types with Kaohsiung City as the model city. To date, the inventory has covered seven types of events (accidents, congestion, construction, traffic control, natural disasters, warnings, events) and 80% of road events in Kaohsiung. Initial results have been achieved in data integration and event information sharing (for instance, the Transportation Bureau receives early notifications from the Public Works Bureau, so that traffic control measures and public notices can be prepared earlier; fire trucks ae now better able to avoid roads with traffic control/congestion due to events or accidents; etc.). Currently, data quality review and system improvements are in progress.

  According to the Institute of Transportation, the Ministry of Communications is gradually establishing a nationwide real-time road situation [information network], but the central and local authorities have yet to achieve overall control of unexpected or sporadic traffic events (such as bus diversions, noise pollution monitoring, etc.). Therefore, in this project, Kaohsiung City will be the first to implement an information integration service for urban traffic events, which is planned to be rolled out to all major metropolitan areas across the country, to give users nationwide a more complete and easy access to road situations in real time. This way, local governments can quickly activate their response mechanisms to ensure a more convenient and safe traffic flow.

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