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Institute of Transportation, MOTC

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The Launch of Innovative Taxi Ridesharing Services for Students by MeNGo

  • Date:2021-11-01
  • Update:2021-11-01
  • Department:Information Systems Division

        The Institute of Transportation, MOTC in cooperation with the Kaohsiung City Government has promoted the MaaS system (MeN Go) in Kaohsiung City. An integrated, advanced and forward-looking public transport service ecosystem (public transportation, taxis, public bikes, shared electric motorcycles, etc.) has been successfully created. In addition to having gained international recognition, the Main Policy Theme (MPT) Virtual Meeting of APEC was held in July this year (2021) and the MeN Go⁺24•48•72hr Transportation Action Service that complimented the National firework show in Kaohsiung was launched. In October, the MeNGo Service innovated again. Innovative taxi ridesharing service booking for students were launched to enhance students’ willingness to access taxi ridesharing and increase convenience and access public transportation systems through the tax ridesharing service.

        Retaining the MaaS promotion results in the past, the Institute of Transportation, MOTC has applied the MeNGo taxi ridesharing points and the existing payment system used by taxi fleets. The taxi ridesharing booking service mechanism has been imported and a pilot program was conducted in cooperation with two schools: The Kaohsiung Municipal Girls’ Senior High School (KGHS) and the Kaohsiung Municipal Kaohsiung Vocational High School of Commerce (KSVHC). Technical application verification and service verification have been carried out. The service routes mainly include the peripheral MRT stations, Kaohsiung Main Station, Tutor Street and the KGHS cross-school learning location to the two schools during school commuting time. The KGHS and KSVHC students can select the start and end locations of booked trips through the user interface. The ridesharing integration mechanism will provide successful matchmaking and ridesharing driver information to users. Drivers will provide ridesharing pick-up booking service according to the passenger’s designated location and time. After the passenger receives a push message that the ride has already departed, the instant real-time kinematic location of the vehicle can be searched via the user interface.

        The innovative taxi ridesharing service promoted by the Institute of Transportation, MOTC has not only optimized the existing public transportation last-mile service, but has also assisted the Kaohsiung City Government and other MaaS promotion units in providing students with seamless and convenient commuting transportation integration plans and support the 2021 national transportation safety month activities, thereby improving commuting safety.


Figure 1 The user interface of ridesharing start and end points

2Figure 2 The user interface of booking itinerary management

3Figure 3 The user interface of vehicle real-time kinematic (RTK) information

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