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Promoting Railway Safety Management System and Implementing Safe Management Operations

  • Date:2020-08-21
  • Update:2020-10-19
  • Department:IOT

       In order to assist domestic railway operators in strengthening accident prevention-related safety management, the Institute of Transportation, MOTC (hereinafter IOT) has developed the Safety Management System, SMS applicable for Taiwan’s railway operations with reference to the practices of the European Union, the United States, Japan, Australia and other advanced countries. Taiwan’s railway transportation system safety standards are expected to be enhanced.

      The IOT completed Taiwan’s Safety Management System (SMS) Guidelines (12 Essentials) in 2018. In August of the same year, it assisted in providing guidance to the Taiwan Railways Administration, MOTC (TRA) on SMS educational training intended for TRA supervisors and relevant personnel. The practical operating guidelines for railway operation safety assurance and case descriptions were completed in 2020. Take level crossing signaling devices for instance, the TRA is advised to supplement required management change procedural forms for level crossing safety assurance operations and complete training intended for TRA’s seed instructors on April 7, 2020. This will facilitate TRA’s promotion of operation safety assistance and reach out to the grassroots level.

      Towards the end of 2018, the TRA established the Operating Safety Division dedicated to the operating-safety related matters. At the same time, with the IOT’s SMS related research results as references, the TRA’s SMS was sequentially implemented in three phases. Other railway operators, including the Taipei MRT and the Kaohsiung MRT who declared compliance with the SMS 12 essentials framework during the case research process. In addition, the operating contents continued to be inspected and improved based on the respective goals in the essentials. The Alishan Forest Railway is also currently promoting the SMS, hoping to implement safety management operations in its daily operating activities. Furthermore, the Railway Bureau, MOTC is currenting formulating the revision of the Railway Act and related regulations in reference to IOT’s research results. Railway operators are requested to set up a safety management system (SMS) and specify its expected functions. At the same time, railway operators are requested to set up a safety management organization based on their system scale and characteristics, implement safety management and other provisions on the promotion of safety management matters.

     The IOT shall continue to conduct research pertaining to the SMS 12 essentials and assist in the railway operators’ promotions and applications. As the SMS is converted into railway personnel’s operating routines and is implemented in the daily operations of driver, dispatch personnel and engineering maintenance and repair personnel, passengers will feel safer about railway operation and more comfortable with the railway services.

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