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A Card in Hand, A Whole New Hearty Experience Kaohsiung City Raising the Stakes with Additional Discounts on MeN Go 2.0

  • Date:2020-09-15
  • Update:2020-10-15
  • Department:IOT

In order to encourage commuters to frequently access Mobility as a Service MaaS to get to work and school and in celebration of MeN Go’s hitting the 8-million-passenger mark, the Institute of Transportation, MOTC and the Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government have cooperated in holding the “additional discounts on MeN Go 2.0 transportation monthly pass” launch event today (15th). Starting today, the general public may access all transportation services through their MeN Go monthly pass at more preferential prices.

The Institute of Transportation, MOTC and the Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government jointly released Taiwan’s first all-in-one MeN Go transportation card in September 2018. This year (2020) will be its second anniversary. Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chi-Mai and Wang Kwo-Tsai, Political Deputy Minister, MOTC attended the “Mobility as a Service MeN Go 2.0” press conference today in celebration of MeN Go about to hit the 8-million-user mark. To raise the stakes, the “MeN Go POINT Four-Plan Giveaway” will be released. Some traders have even contributed the “new taxi fleet force”, “extended WeMo Locomotive Sharing Services”, and “first 30 minutes of YouBike free of charge” in support of the event and cooperated with schools in “safe and money saving MeN Go on Campus”. MeN Go has gradually expanded to become the best choice for commuting to work and school in Kaohsiung.

    MeN Go first integrated multimodal transportation in Kaohsiung including the MRT, buses, light rail transit, ferries, bicycles, etc. Targeting monthly passes for unlimited “bus rides”, “ferry rides”, and “buses + passenger” transport, the stakes have been raised, giving away 600 MeN Go POINTs. Just as “unlimited rides” are, each point is equivalent to $1, which can be deducted from charges for taxis, shared electric locomotives, and designated parking lots. The general public will feel more money is saved. The COVID-19 pandemic has spread around the world this year, but the MeN Go card has risen against the tides in terms of usage, and the passenger count is also about to hit the 8-million mark, which is an impressive result. MeN Go will find the lucky 8 millionth passenger who will receive a 1-year unlimited access gift pack! Residents who have not applied are encouraged to do so at their earliest convenience. In addition, the MeN Go’s pace of moving forward will not stop. This year, the 2.0 service upgrades include the addition of Yes Taxi and Kstaxi, the extension of the Wemo shared locomotive operation scope in Greater Kaohsiung, and the provision of MeN Go-exclusive free Youbike for the first 30 minutes. They fully cater to the transport and transfer demand and enable MeN Go members to gain the “a card in hand, a whole new hearty experience”.

This year, MeN Go also engaged in special cooperation with Cheng Shiu University and Fooyin University. MeN Go taxis station at the MRT stations and campuses to provide shuttle services. Students are encouraged to make good use of public transportation to journey to and fro, thereby reducing risks involved with riding scooters. With the safe, environmentally friendly, convenient, and economical services, MeN Go is expected to become the first choice for commuters to get to work and school.

The MeN Go card is a physical ticket that combines the iPASS. Applying for the MeN Go card is currently free of charge (with a quota limit). In order to save the waiting time, you may choose to apply online or pay online with your credit card via LINE Pay Money. See the “Mobility as a Service MeN Go” website for more details.

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