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Institute of Transportation, MOTC

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Organization and Functions

  • Date:2023-09-14
  • Update:2023-12-26
  • Department:IOT

1. Organization and Human Resources

The Institute of Transportation comprises seven divisions and a Secretariat, a Personnel Office, and an Accounting Office, and a Civil Service  Ethics Office. The seven divisions include Transportation Planning and Land Transport, Transportation Engineering, Maritime and Air Transport,Transportation Operations and Management, Transportation Safety, Transportation Technology and Information, Transportation Energy and Environment and the Transportation Technology Research Center.

2. Functions

According to Article 2 of the organization act of IOT, the missions of IOT are as follows:

  • Transportation policy research and recommendations.
  • Transportation system planning research and development.
  • Transportation engineering research and development.
  • Transportation operations and management research and development.
  • Transportation safety research and development.
  • Transportation, energy, and environmental research and development.
  • Transportation technology and information technology research and development.
  • Transportation technique research and development.
  • Contact and collaboration with domestic and international transportation institutions.
  • Other transportation research-related matters.

3. Organization Framework


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