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Institute of Transportation, MOTC

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Trans. Planning Journal

No. Title Year
376. The Risk Measurement of the BOT Projects under Interactive Utility among the Negotiators 2001
377. Congestion Road Pricing for Mainline Toll and Ramp Toll Collection Schemes 2001
378. A Decision Support System for Timetable Construction of Mass Rapid Transit Systems 2001
379. Container Marketing Strategies in Kaohsiung Port 2001
380. Comparing the “Willingness to Work on Ships” among the Maritime Related Graduates from NTOU, MJC and MHS 2001
381. Development and Assessment of a Service Quality Scale for Mass Transit ─Take Taipei Bus for an Example 2001
382. Review of Artificial Neural Network Research and Applications in Transportation 2001
383. A Density Stability Method of Ramp Metering 2001
384. Optimal Pricing Steps of the Step Toll Scheme 2001
385. An Exploring Three-dimensional Traffic Dispersion Model with Potential Theory 2001
386. A Simulation Study on Energy Saving Effect of Train Operation 2001
387. An Assessment on Automatic Vehicle Location and Communication Technologies for Advanced Bus Transit Systems 2001
388. A Study on Measuring Biases in Technological Change of an Airport: A Case of the C.K.S. Airport 2001
389. The Study of Airline Overbooking Control Strategy 2001
390. An Analytical Model of Railroad Train Dispatching under Extraordinary Peak Demand 2001