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Institute of Transportation, MOTC

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Press Releases

No. Title Post date
31. Developing Port Structure Maintenance and Management for Enhancing Port Maintenance and Management Performance 2019-03-06
32. Traffic Event Information Integration Service Real-time traffic event information enables swift response 2018-11-01
33. Men-Go in Your Hand, All You Can Ride in Kaohsiung MOTC Launches Innovative Monthly Pass 2018-10-17
34. Wave attack warning counter-measure! Wave attack warning system for TaiTung coastal road 2018-08-28
35. Portal Mechanical Arm: a New Tool for Bridge Inspections 2018-07-16
36. New page in scooter riding safety education- Learn to be a safe scooter driver with phone game by MOTC 2018-06-07
37. Passenger carrier's assistant – driver health management system 2018-06-06
38. Institute of Transportation, MOTC Annual Research Presentation Week 2018-05-29
39. A Good Helper to Explore the Taxicab Industry 2017-05-26
40. Innovative Tool for Bridge Inspection ~ UAV Autonomous Flight Inspection 2016-04-15
41. The Lessons Paid for in Blood! 2016-04-15
42. The new arrow marking saves motorcycle riders! 2015-12-11
43. A Diagnostic Tool for Bus Services Developed by IOT 2014-11-14
44. Traffic Safety, Industry Expansion, and Tourism Development in Indigenous Villages 2014-11-14
45. Share your feelings after using barrier-free facilities to get a travel coupon for two! 2014-05-27