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Transportation Dissertation

Title Exploring the Key Successful Factors of Sharing Economy:the Case of Shared Bikes in Taipei City
Year 2020
Degree Master
School Shih Hsin University

      With the increasing advancement of technology in the Internet generation, the distance between people is getting closer through mobile devices, and the newly emerging models are developing vigorously. The current sharing economy is also a hot topic, including shared bicycles, shared locomotives, and shared cars. It is also one of them. Regardless of whether it is abroad or Taiwan, governments of various countries have caused a lot of troubles and disputes about the management of shared bicycles. In these disputes, relevant government units must come out to help resolve or dominate the direction of the entire sharing industry. However, whether the strategy adopted by the government has reached the concept of managing bicycles during the implementation of the law will have a representative impact on the direction of the sharing economy for enterprises.

       This study mainly discusses the key factors for the success or failure of bicycle sharing in Taipei City, including whether the laws and regulations on road traffic management penalties in China and the autonomy regulations for the management of transportation equipment management are perfect, the cleaning and maintenance and scheduling of vehicles at each rental site, and the leasing mechanism billing Methods such as social insurance, bicycle technology (whether or not), customer service of insitu transmission shops, Taiwanese people’s legal ethics and moral habits, etc. After collecting documents, this research volume summarizes the standard factors of each facet, and assists in finding expert interviews to confirm the structure Face-to-face and criteria, and then use the AHP to design questionnaires, and through expert questionnaires to understand the weights of each key aspect and related criteria weights, then serve as a reference for the government and bike-sharing operators to study the aspects and criteria The results are as follows:

1. Male experts: shared bicycle quality maintenance, shared bicycle technology, shared bicycle management, shared bicycle rental mechanism, Chinese people's legal ethics.

2. Female experts: the management of shared bicycles, the ethics of the rule of law in China, the maintenance of shared bicycle quality, the shared bicycle rental mechanism, and the shared bicycle technology.

      The results of the weighting study of the above facet guidelines will be provided to the government and industry for joint discussion, which is more suitable for the reference of the business model. 

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