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Institute of Transportation, MOTC

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Trans. Planning Journal

Title The Strategy Analysis for the Development of an International Cruise Home Port
Author Feng-Ming Tsai and Wei-Neng Chen
Summary   The international cruise market is currently booming. The European and American markets are gradually becoming saturated, whereas the number of people taking cruises in Asia is growing annually. Based on the development plan of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC), cross-strait shipping and cruises will be berthing primarily at the Port of Keelung and the Port of Kaohsiung. Therefore, Taiwan International Ports Corporation plans to build the Port of Keelung and the Port of Kaohsiung as international cruise home ports. The purpose of this study is to review strategies for developing international cruise home ports. The stakeholders considered in this study include port operators, cruise lines, the central government and local governments. Based on these stakeholders, 4 dimensions and 13 criteria were derived to serve as the framework for this study. The questionnaires were collected through expert interviews and the survey was analyzed using the Analytic Network Process (ANP). "Port management strategies", "harbor equipment planning" and "government policies" were the three most important criteria affecting the development of Taiwan as an international cruise home port. The results from this study can be applied to the operation strategies of the carriers and port companies as well as the adjustment of government planning.
Vol. 43
No. 4
Page 411
Year 2014
Month 12
Count Views:489