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Institute of Transportation, MOTC

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Trans. Planning Journal

Title An Analysis of Key Influential Factors for Ship Registration by Taiwanese Container Shipping Lines after the Cross-Strait Direct Shipping Links
Author Tien-Chun Ho, Cheng-Chi Chung and Hsuan-Shih Lee
Summary   Faced with fierce market competition, the ship registration is one of the important operating strategies for shipping companies. The political factors had become one of the reasons of flagging out for the shipping industry in Taiwan. And after cross-strait direct shipping started in 2008, the situation has changed; the choice of ship registration may have the different alternatives. Based on the side of container shipping operation, the paper used the PEST approach as the basis of analytic framework to construct the factors hierarchy contained four criteria: ‘political,’ ‘economic,’ ‘social,’ and ‘technological’ factors with fifteen subcriteria. This article adopted the modified Delphi method (MDM) to select subcriteria, and also used in-depth interviews with the high level ship managers to rank the importance of the key influential factors for ship registration from questionnaires. The outcomes showed that the first key influential factor of ship registration by Taiwanese container shipping lines after cross-strait direct shipping link is ‘the income tax,’ and follows as ‘avoiding government regulations,’ ‘the deficiency of incentive,’ ‘the charging of freight tax,’ ‘the cost of crews,’ ‘administrative measures,’ and ‘the degree of control ship’. These findings will provide as a good reference for container shipping lines in determining ship registration, and will help government authorities in formulating supportive shipping policies.
Vol. 43
No. 4
Page 393
Year 2014
Month 12
Count Views:371