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Institute of Transportation, MOTC

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Trans. Planning Journal

Title An Optimal Location Model for the Bicycle Sharing System: A Case Study of the Kaohsiung City-Bike System
Author Shou-Ren Hu and Chao-Tang Liu
Summary   An integrated public transport system should consider its sustainable development and operation by providing seamless services with different modes of transportation. Bicycle sharing systems (BSS) have been considered as one of the most effective means of green transportation and provide first-mile and last-mile services within seamless transportation frameworks. Choosing an optimal location for construction is a key issue to be investigated. In this study, we develop a location model for the determination of optimal rental stations in the City-Bike system where the main objective is to minimize the total system cost of the operator’s operating cost as well as users’ travel cost under stochastic demand. The ultimate goal is to make the BSS become a first- and last-mile feeder system by providing convenient and cost-effective services for transit users.
Vol. 43
No. 4
Page 367
Year 2014
Month 12
Count Views:478