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Institute of Transportation, MOTC

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Trans. Planning Journal

Title A Model with an Algorithm for Cash Transportation Vehicle Routing and Scheduling Problems Considering Conveyance Risks
Author Shang-Yao Yan, Chung-Cheng Lu and Guan-Lun Hsu
Summary   This research utilizes the time-space network flow technique to describe the potential movements of cash transportation vehicles among all demand points in the time and space dimensions and develops a cash transportation vehicle routing and scheduling model which minimizes both operating cost and risk cost in order to help security carriers plan efficient and safe cash conveyance routes and schedules. The Analytical Hierarchy Process method is employed to determine the weights of a set of risk factors identified by cash transportation experts. The risk cost of cash transportation, which is computed based on the weights and the estimates of those risk factors, is then incorporated into the proposed model. Because the model can be formulated as a multi-commodity network flow problem, which is characterized as NP-hard, this study develops a heuristic to efficiently solve the model. The model and algorithm are solved and analyzed using a problem instance generated from operational data provided by a domestic security carrier. We also compare our model results with the results of a model presented in the literature. The case study results demonstrate that our model with a solution algorithm outperforms the previous model and could be a useful reference for security carriers in actual practice.
Vol. 44
No. 1
Page 45
Year 2015
Month 3
Count Views:446