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Institute of Transportation, MOTC

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Trans. Planning Journal

Title Transportation Policy Making Using MCDM Model: The Case of Hualien
Author Shih-Yao Kuo and Shu-Chuan Chen
Summary   The purpose of this study is to propose a transport policy decision-making process using a MCDM (multiple criteria decision-making) model to examine the dependent relationships among variable criteria of transport policies. DEMATEL (decision-making trial and evaluation laboratory) is employed to construct the IRM (impact relation map) and NRM (network relation map), which illustrate the influential network of the transport policy decision-making model. ANP (analytic network process) is adopted to evaluate the weights of criteria. VIKOR is then used to select the best transport mode. The case of Hualien is demonstrated and the empirical results reveal the proposed model is powerful and effective to identify the influential network, priority of criteria, and select the best compromise solution to a complicated problem.
Vol. 44
No. 1
Page 25
Year 2015
Month 3
Count Views:404