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Institute of Transportation, MOTC

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Summary of IOT Publications

Title 2022 Taiwan Highway Capacity Manual
Dept Transportation Planning and Land Transport Division
Year 2022
Month 6
Price 1000

       Highway capacity is not only the basis of highway transportation system planning, design and performance evaluation, but also an important reference for highway management and control. To address the issue of highway capacity analysis in Taiwan, the Taiwan Highway Capacity Manual was published in 1990, 2001 and 2011 for use.
       Since the capacity study is long-term, it should be revised gradually based on the analysis of domestic traffic facilities and traffic flow characteristics to be applicable to the domestic analysis. In recent years, the IOT has revised the capacity analysis of Chapter 4: Freeway Basic Segments, Chapter 8: Freeway Tunnels, Chapter 10: Signalized Intersections of Urban Underpasses, Chapter 11: Rural Multilane Highways, and Chapter 12: Rural Two- Lane Highways. During the same period, the IOT also developed the 2021 Highway Traffic System Simulation (HTSS) Model.
      In order to provide the above-mentioned revised data as soon as possible, the IOT also recompiled the basic concepts in Chapter 2 and corrected the text in the other chapters, and publishes the 2022 Taiwan Highway Capacity Manual. In the future, the IOT will continue to work on the localization of highway capacity to make the Taiwan Highway Capacity Manual more complete.

Post date 2022-06-30
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