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Summary of IOT Publications

Title The Performance Analysis of E-bus Demonstration Plan Implementation and the Promotion of Strategic Support Applications (1/2)
Dept Information Systems Division
Year 2020
Month 12
Price 480

        The purposes of this plan are to collect operational data during the period of e-bus subsidy plan demonstration and general plan implementation and set up an operational data monitoring management platform to analyze operational and travel data, thereby keeping abreast of the e-bus key indicators and operational performance review. At the same time, using the actual operational data accumulated through the plan implementation, the vehicle data transmission mechanism, e-bus importation guide has been set up. The demonstration plan subsidy conditions have also been included to serve as reference for the government, bus operators, vehicle manufacturers during subsequent implementations. The important results of this plan are as follows: 1. Set up a national city bus operational database. 2. Set up a data transmission mechanism on the e-bus operational data monitoring and management platform. 3. Set up an e-bus operational data monitoring and management platform. 4. Inspect the e-bus demonstration plan and track operational performance. 5. Conducts mining analysis of the operational key indicator mining analysis and propose promotion recommendations. 6. Review the demonstration plan and e-bus promotion strategies and propose the framework of the importation guide. 

Post date 2020-12-30
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