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Summary of IOT Publications

Title Typical Examples for road and Traffic Engineering Design in Mixed-Traffic Situation(3/4)-Unsignalized Intersection
Dept Safety Division
Year 2020
Month 10
Price 430
       Mixed traffic flow is the primary pattern of traffic flow in Taiwan. In order to enhance road safety in mixed traffic flow environment, this Study proposes suggestions and measures of improvement for the accident type of current mixed traffic flow. In addition, the current domestic traffic engineering design reference tool is difficult to propose improvement programs for the specific types of traffic accident at intersections, hence, this Study is committed to develop the improvement design model of traffic engineering for all accident types that can be directly applied to the improvement of specific accident types at intersections and summarize the design model for integrated intersection traffic engineering at the end. 
       This Study is a 4-year project. The Study has conducted the investigation of design conditions and proposed the design criteria aiming at "The way of motorcycle left-turning" in the first year (2017); conducted the investigation of design conditions and proposed design criteria aiming at "Commonly seen accidents of angled collision and rear-end collision at intersections" in the second year (2018). This year (2019), the Study has focused on the improvement of "Intersections without Traffic Signals". This Study reviewed all types of control regulations, approaches of speed reduction design and other safety issues related literatures, to develop safety improvement measures through the cause of accident analysis. Meanwhile, in order to verify the study results of previous projects, this Study supplemented the investigation and analyzed the accident and conflict changes of previously studied intersections, and investigated the improvement effects. Finally, this Study summarized and expanded the design models for improving different accident types of side collisions, fender bender, rear-end collisions and angled collisions at intersections based on the intersections of previous Study cases and the improvement strategies developed this year, as well as the related design cases. 
Post date 2020-10-23
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