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Summary of IOT Publications

Title The Study of Smart Energy Saving Telematics used in the development of Public Transportation Industry - taking bus as an example
Dept Operation and Management Division
Year 2020
Month 10
Price 580

       Fuel cost is the second highest cost in the bus industry next to the personnel cost. Promoting Smart Energy Saving Telematics can improve poor fuel consumption behavior, and can effectively improve fuel efficiency, reduce operating costs and government subsidies in order to achieve the effect of energy saving and carbon reduction. This Study is based on literature review and user interviews with the bus industry to develop a smart energy saving telematics module that is suitable for bus use. The smart energy saving telematics modules have already been installed on 10 buses in two routes of 154 and 304 of Taichung Bus Company for verification testing. The Study first collected one month of the driving data before the warning device is installed (the original state), and then turn on the driving behavior warning device after it is installed to collect another month of the driving data in the same way to explore the benefits that smart energy saving telematics capable of saving and generating through the analysis before and after the event. The results reveal that smart energy saving telematics can effectively reduce the drivers' poor fuel consumption behavior and increase fuel efficiency by an average of 5 percent, which can indeed achieve the goal of environmental protection, energy saving and carbon reduction. 

Post date 2020-10-22
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