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Summary of IOT Publications

Title A Preliminary Study of Travel Behaviors of Senior Citizens
Dept IOT
Year 2020
Month 8
Price Not For Sale

       According to the definition of the World Health Organization, a country with a population of age over 65 years old accounts for 20% of the total population is called a hyper-aged society. According to the results of the National Development Council - Republic of China Population Estimate (2018-2065), the aging period of our country is faster than other countries in the world, and it is estimated that our country will enter the hyper-aged society by 2026. Although the Institute conducted the fifth phase of the Overall Transportation Planning Study Series - Intercity Travel Characteristics Survey and Preliminary Analysis in 2015, and managed the Construction of North Taiwan Regional Transportation Demand Model, Travel Characteristics and Traffic Volume Survey and Transportation Services Balanced Development Strategy Study from 2016 to 2018, however, with the increased proportion of senior citizens population, their purpose of trip, travel behaviors and demands are different from the current situation, therefore, it is necessary to conduct study on the travel behaviors of senior citizens to facilitate feedback to the subsequent transportation planning related studies.

       This Project reviews domestic and international literatures related to senior citizens travel behaviors, and studies the travel characteristics and travel behaviors of senior citizens in different countries. The study results of this Project found that the purpose of trip for senior citizens is mainly to benefit the health of their body, mind and spirit, and because the travel timing of senior citizens is relatively more flexible than the general age group, they can avoid the "peak" period, hence, their travel times are mostly during off-peak hours, and in the part of attractions for the trip, the senior citizens are more concentrated in sports parks, churches, temples, medical centers and clinics, etc.; in the part of transportation equipment use, the senior citizens mainly use bicycles, walking on foot and public transportation. As for the length of trip, because the purpose of trip for the senior citizens is different from the general age group, therefore, the length of trip is shorter.

       In addition, in order to provide transportation services that meet the demands of senior citizens, this Study also proposes relevant recommendations, including: The competent authorities of transportation shall first review and evaluate the physical and mental conditions of various types of senior citizens, and optimize the transportation hardware facilities and enhance the friendliness of public transportation services. At the same time, it is necessary to match and improve the last mile service of public transportation.

Post date 2020-08-28
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