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Summary of IOT Publications

Title A Study and Analysis on the Results of Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategies Raised by Transportation Sectors
Dept IOT
Year 2020
Month 8
Price 420

       Our Country has approved the Action Plan for Greenhouse Gas Emission Control in the Transport Sector (Phase 1) in 2018, which stipulated that by 2020, the GHG emissions of the transportation sector will be reduced by 2% compared to 2005, and the 2nd phase will face more challenging reduction target. To strengthen the reduction actions of the transportation sector, this Study collected, studied and analyzed the international GHG reduction strategies of the transportation sector, and assessed the reduction results of the 1st phase Action Plan, revised the parameters for emission baseline and carbon reduction benefits estimation of the transportation sector, and proposes specific recommendations as the reference for the 2nd phase Action Plan (2021 ~ 2025), meanwhile, this Study also explored the relevant response actions aiming at if the transportation industry to be included in the scope of "Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Registry".

       In terms of the achievements review, the GHG emissions of the transportation sector have been declining. In 2018, it was reduced to 37.126 million tons of CO2e, which is lower than the 1st phase control target of 37.211 metric tons CO2e by 2020. In addition, the main evaluation indicators such as the traffic volume of highway public transportation, high speed rail, metro rapid transit and the number of electric motorcycles has reached the expected targets.

       In coordination with the five-year a stage of the Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Management Act, this Study comprehensively organized the standard operating procedures for the developing the action plans of the transportation sector, in order to facilitate the compliance for the development of the subsequent phases of the Action Plan for the transportation sector.

       This study recommends that the transportation sector needs to strengthen the transportation demand management and enhance the competitiveness of public transportation, adopts multiple programs to encourage people to replace vehicles with poor energy efficiency, strengthens the promotion of electric passenger cars, and encourage the transportation industry to actively reduce carbon in the future. 

Post date 2020-08-27
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