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Summary of IOT Publications

Title Demonstration Plan of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) (2/2)
Dept IOT
Year 2020
Month 8
Price 330

       This Project was officially announced to go online for use on September 28, 2018, and Kaohsiung City became the first MaaS service area in Asia. People can use all the transportation services in Kaohsiung with iPASS card and smart phone APP. Including Kaohsiung MRT, 7 city buses, highway passenger transport, light rail, ferries, shared bicycles, and taxis. The service of this project aims to meet the needs of people's "Transportation", and under in name of MeN Go, to integrate transportation tools, mobile phones, tickets, and payment in daily life into a single complete service, which is the first MaaS project in Asia and Taiwan.

        In addition to continue the services built during early stage of the operation, the second phase of this Project continue to expand the taxi and auxiliary transportation services to the Park & Ride parking lot and the share the electric motorcycle rental services. The service product type will also be expanded from the commuter (student) monthly ticket product to issue the "Student 7-day Ticket", and further explore and plan for short-term intermodal tickets for sightseeing and tourism and integration of Taiwan Railway Commuter services, join the LINE Pay iPASS e-Payment purchase program service, and cooperate with related marketing promotion activities and domestic and international large-scale exhibitions to expand the user groups.

       In the part of service innovation, combining the Environmental Protection Administration green dot point collection exchange mechanism as well as establishing the preferential awards serial numbers along with other service measures, and seeking cooperation from different industry vendors to increase the exclusive value for members as an indispensable service in the lives of citizens. During the implementation of this project, research and discussion are also conducted on the long-term future expansion of service topics, such as the feasibility study of cooperation with Taiwan Railway Commuter Monthly Ticket. 

Post date 2020-08-27
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