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Summary of IOT Publications

Title Observations on the Trip Characteristics of Freeway, Railway and Freeway Passenger Transportation Service during Chinese New Year Consecutive Holidays
Dept Planning Division
Year 2020
Month 7
Price 0

      Consecutive holidays drive a lot of travel demand, so traffic relief situation during consecutive holidays is often a concern for the public. Since 2014, the number of consecutive holidays of more than 3 days has increased and making the freeways and other railway/freeway passenger transportation systems frequently faces the difficult traffic relief tasks with tense energy due to the consecutive holidays.

      This study first reviews the experience of traffic relief during major domestic and international festivals to understand the key points of domestic and international traffic relief, the content of traffic information release, and the traffic forecasting method for consecutive holidays. Then, compare the differences in trip characteristics of Taiwan Railway, Taiwan High Speed Rail and National Highway Passenger Transportation based on the Chinese New Year Consecutive Holidays as the Subject of Analysis. The relevant study results can be used as reference for the future management and decision-making for the Ministry of Transportation and Communications as well as the related traffic relief Agencies.

Post date 2020-08-20
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