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Summary of IOT Publications

Title Light Rail Transit Capacity Analysis and Applications Study (1/2) - Capacity Model Development for A-Type and B-Type Right-of-Way
Dept Planning Division
Year 2020
Month 7
Price 370

       In order to meet the needs of different railway system construction project in Taiwan, the Institute of Transportation has carried out a series of research projects on rail capacity. At present, the rail capacity analytic models and software for both conventional railway and metropolitan rapid transit system have been completed. And, in view of the Government Forward-Looking Infrastructure Project to plan and promote light rail transit system in all metropolitan area, therefore, conducted the light rail transit system capacity analysis and application research to grasp the supply and demand energy of the system, and to provide the transportation capacity in compliance with the expected service quality under the most economical conditions.

      ㄒIn this year's research (2019), rail capacity analytical model for A-Type and B-Type right-of-way has been developed, and carried out case verification analysis on actual light rail transit operation, including the Green Mountain Line of Danhai Light Rail, Kaohsiung Light Rail, and Stadtbahn Karlsruhe Light Rail Transit System in Germany. The results can be used as the reference for decision-making within each stage of planning, construction, and operation in subsequent light rail transit projects and makes Taiwan’s rail capacity analysis technology more complete.

Post date 2020-08-20
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