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Institute of Transportation, MOTC

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Summary of IOT Publications

Title Koinonia: A Moving Form of Transportation-2020 Transportation Policy White paper
Dept Transportation Engineering, Maritime and Air Transport Division
Year 2020
Month 6
Price 180

       MOTC stands for the Ministry of Transportation and Communications. As can be seen in the name, apart from managing transportation, the Ministry also shoulders the burden of handling the interactions and communications between people. Did you know that in ancient Greek, transportation and moving were the same word, “koinonia”, symbolic of the moving moments in life that were possible thanks to transportation?

       In the past few years, Taiwan’s society has faced rapid changes. Not only has the country become an aged society, but the challenges of low-birth rates have also started surfacing. On the other hand, as climate change gradually receives attention, the people of Taiwan have placed greater emphasis on environmental protection and cultural issues in hopes that humanity could coexist with nature. We even went as far to suggest that in the future transportation projects could preserve history or incorporate aesthetics into their designs, becoming public cultural assets or works of art.

       In addition, the information and communication technology (ICT) industry also has grown at a rapid pace. The application of innovative technology such as big data, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), self-driving cars, IoT, AI, and 5G are all impacting and changing the way people use transportation and communication, and provide a whole new set of challenges for the transportation industry and related regulations.

       In order to address the changes brought on by various external circumstances, we decided to return to the roots of transportation and set out with a focus on the human side of the issue. We chose to look at transportation as the largest service industry and set a vision of the people, for the people and to form the mutually-beneficial administration-civilians relations between the MOTC and the public. Safety, efficiency, quality, and eco-green are the four core elements of the administration.

       The MOTC covers a wide variety of operations, and includes a myriad of units and businesses under its jurisdiction. The Transportation Policy White Paper is a necessity born of the need to outline a future administration vision and to set guidance policies. It has been six years since the last white paper was published and the transportation environment has undergone drastic changes since then. As a result, the content of the white paper has been completely updated. At the same time, in order to make transportation policies more accessible to the general public, the Ministry came out with the abridged Koinonia: A Moving Form of Transportation - 2020 Transportation Policy White Paper in hopes that everyone can work towards a better future with “moving transportation.” 

Post date 2020-06-30
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