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Strategy of promoting the small passenger vehicle transportation services in response to hyper-aged society

  • Date:2019-03-06
  • Update:2019-03-06
  • Department:IOT

Project Overview:

  According to estimates of the National Development Council, Taiwan is transitioning into a "hyper-aged society" from an "aging society". Population aging will increase the demand for long-term care, medical care and rehabilitation, and indirectly cause increasing demand for traffic. Through planning on development environment and promotion strategies of barrier-free passenger vehicle transportation services, in addition to respond to the needs of future society, also integratecommunication technology to construct a barrier-free friendly environment to meet daily traffic needs, this Project can also replace the previous paper audits with electronic operation as well as improve vehicle utilization efficiency to achieve the effects of energy conservation and carbon emission reduction.

Research outcomes:

(1)Propose a reservation-based barrier-free vehicle transportation service development framework in reference to the health insurance system, develop a special fleet operation model, incorporate barrier-free taxis and private welfare vehicles, and conduct planning on the development vision and short, medium and long term expected objectives, and allow the limited government resources to meet more in need for barrier-free vehicle transportation service.

(2)In line with the new system framework, develop an application interface for a reservation-based barrier-free vehicle transportation service. Based on the current operating system in all counties and cities of Taiwan, the interface with new functions will provide users with more diversified, convenient and transparent ride information and reservation channels, provide operators with simplified and electronic administrative operations, and optimize the vehicle dispatch logic to improve operational efficiency. In addition, through the intelligent supervision function, the efficiency of supervision and control for the competent authorities can be strengthened to save labor cost required for auditing.

Promotion of Outcomes and Benefits:

(1)From September 2017 to January 2018, this Institute visited the Deputy Mayor of Taoyuan City, the Deputy Mayor of Tainan City, the Director-General of the Transportation Bureau, Kaohsiung City, the Deputy Director-General of the Transportation Bureau, New Taipei City, and the Director-General of the Social Affairs Bureau, Chiayi City to brief the research outcomes of the Project, and discuss a joint cooperation pilot project for 2018, to deepen the impression of the Officials on the vision of new system, and as reference for future administrations.

(2)The Project has been published in the 2017 Academic Paper Seminar of the Chinese Institute of Transportation in December, 2017, and an article was submitted for publication to the International Conference on Mobility and Transport for Elderly and Disabled Persons (TRANSED2018), expanding the references for all sectors.

(3)In June 2018, report the Project Research outcomes and Latest Processing Situation in the 6th Meeting of 6th Gender Equality Task Force of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications as reference of the Ministry Officials and Members of Gender Equality Committee.

(2)In 2018, a pilot project will be held in Tainan City and Chiayi City and a promotion and application symposium will be held in November. The Ministry of Transportation and Communications, the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and all related agencies of all county and city governments are invited to exchange the achievements of this project, to enable all counties and cities to introduce the new system in order to respond to the needs of society in the future.

Summary of Key Resarch Outcomes :

Special Fleet Operation Mechanism Chart

Special Fleet Development Concept Chart

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