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Institute of Transportation, MOTC

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Research on the introduction of airport coordination and integration protocol (A-CDM) in the international airports in Taiwan

  • Date:2019-03-05
  • Update:2019-03-05
  • Department:IOT

Research result:

  According to the literature circulated in international sectors, it is learned that the A-CDM has been launched in the European market for years with satisfactory effect achieved accordingly. Take German’s Munich Airport for example, the implementation of A-CDM has contributed to the reduced delay of Air Traffic Flow Management and reduced taxing time for 10%. Further, the schedule accuracy is also elevated to 80% from 58% as well. In view of this, this research also seeks the possibility of introducing the A-CDM technology to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. Provided below is the result after one year of research.

  • Completed the implementation of prototype system Physical data of the take-off and landing flights logged on August 18, 2016 available in Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport was taken for conducting the simulation in order to present physical operation scenario by dynamic method. In the meantime, the advancing method was also employed to manage the simulation time. The prototype software is able to present the action of each aircraft moving around Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport by animation method. In the picture, it is allowed to observe the entire process of action performed by the aircraft such as landing, taxing, entering the apron, pushing, sliding and take off. The mode provides the information display screen required by different units such as aviation control, airport, ground service and airlines. The information in each table will be updated simultaneously along with the elapsing of time.
  • Provide the suggestions for TIAC to implement the A-CDM system. Based on the level of difficulty for securing the mid-term and long-term information and the demand of Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, practical and executable mileage was suggested for using as the reference to implement the A-CDM system.

Promotion of result:

  • The research result was reported during the Joint Operation Report Meeting held by MOTC on February 23, 2017.
  • In the meantime, the research result was published in the Transportation Plan Journal and was also presented during the 2017 Annual Meeting held by the R.O.C. Transportation Society and the Scholastic Thesis Seminar.
  • In the meantime, the research result was also provided to TIAC for reference of preparing its construction plan of “automated control and management for the Airport Operation Control Center (AOCC)”. Furthermore, we also attended in relevant working meetings for providing opinions on irregular basis.

Dynamic simulation from arrival to departure of the aircraft.

A-CDM simulation picture

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