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Institute of Transportation, MOTC

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Updating, expansion and data analysis services for “International Sea Transportation Database” in 2016

  • Date:2019-03-05
  • Update:2019-03-05
  • Department:IOT

Research result:

  During the past years, the “International Maritime Transportation Database” has been maintained by this Institute and we also updated the software functions such as updating the database, improving user interface, expanding analysis function, assessing the database required for interfacing with domestic harbors and executing the statistical analysis.

  The data comprises the content relating to the business with the Asian Pacific countries, including 7 lines of trading route, 600 lines of operation lines (about 45% in global market), some 145 shipping companies, 473 harbors, some 3500 units of ships (about 58% in global market) and total shipping capacity of 11 million TEU (about 55% in global market). Further, it can be used to produce about 50 different kinds of report. The system can provide the following functions: Automatic drafting of bow-shape diagram, term inquiring, automatic error detection, as well as error tolerance and correction ability.

  The database is implemented to analyze the following four major issues and they are deployment trend for European and American lines, deployment trend for Asian lines, impact of the widened Panama Canal to American east-coast line, and the impact of line deployment trend to Kaohsiung Harbor.

Promotion of result:

  • Since the database was implemented, we have collected 6 years (Total of 24 quarters) of maritime statistical data and such task is being executed until now in order to update the collected data for maintaining its value. In the meantime, the quantitative method is also used to present the entire picture in the change of the maritime container market.
  • To elevate the value-added application of data, a seminar was convened in 2016 where representatives from MOTC, Maritime Port Bureau, Taiwan International Ports Corporation, Ltd. were invited for information exchange, hoping that ideas and suggestions contributing to the elevation of database system could be obtained. During the meeting, the feasibility in synchronization of data among individual databases and common sharing were also discussed.
  • In short-term, the data collected by the aforesaid database will be based for analyzing the respective issue and then submit key resolutions to MOTC, Maritime Port Bureau and Taiwan International Ports Corporation, Ltd. for making decisions. In mid-term, the database will be used as a platform for establishing data sharing channel in order to expand the existing data analysis scope. In long-term, the credible and directive kind of articles will be published regularly in order to describe the development of harbors in Taiwan.

Application analysis of “Asian Area Route Deployment TrendHistorical statistic data of main route number and shipping capacity in Asian Area

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